Walnut Serving Board
Walnut Serving Board
Walnut Serving Board
Walnut Serving Board
Walnut Serving Board
Walnut Serving Board

Walnut Serving Board

  • Hand-crafted in Gatineau, Québec 🇨🇦
  • Made with live-edge walnut & epoxy resin
  • Serves a soiree of 2 to 8 friends
  • Uniquely made, no two boards will ever be identical

Bought it as a X-mas gift for my daughter, she LOVED it. Beautiful craftsmanship, everybody was asking her about it during our holiday parties!!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Carol Smith

Save Your Best WinE & Cheese For This Board

This beautiful serving board will keep your friends and family talking about your wine & cheese party for weeks after! Become known as the charcuterie God or Goddess in your friend circle.

Things People Ask Us

Built By Master Craftsman Kevin McLeod

Hey, I’m Kevin. A small business owner based in Gatineau.

Here’s a little fact all my friends and family know about me: I love working with wood and I’ve been passionately building and selling large pieces of exquisite, custom-built wooden furniture for the past 10 years.

"No two boards are EVER going to be the same because they're made with Live-Edge Wood 😍" 

— Master Craftsman Kevin

When Covid restrictions were lifted some months ago, we hosted a small get together at my place. My girlfriend set up the most beautiful wine & cheese platter on the serving board I’d gifted her years ago.

The guests absolutely loved the board! They wanted to know where she bought it from so they could get one too.It was a good shock for them when they found out where she actually got it from 😉

I was so flattered, I decided to gift them their own custom serving boards. And then I thought, why not offer it to the rest of the world too?

So here we are...

Kevin's unique boards are never identical and made with 100% walnut and resin.