Shoreline Series - Walnut & Resin Serving Board

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WARNING - Every board is hand-crafted with live-edge wood so your board will slightly differ from the pictures featured here. No two boards of this style will ever look identical.

Are you looking to put-together a Wine & Cheese party your guests will talk about for months? You’ve got your well-rounded offering of meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts. Only the last piece of the puzzle is missing.

Or should I say was missing, now that you’ve found this board 😊

Why resin?

Although it may be an odd concept for amateurs, experts know that ‘taste’ depends on more than just your taste buds. Smell and sight can make or break your dish.

The resin adds a majestic touch to the live edge black walnut slab and elevates the visual presentation of your charcuterie board. Treat your guests to a experience they’ll never forget!


- Live-edge Black Walnut Wood
- Carbon Black Epoxy Resin
- 18” X 10”
- 1-inch thick

How We Got Here:

Hey, I’m Kevin. A small business owner based in Gatineau.

Here’s a little fact all my friends and family know about me: I love working with wood and I’ve been passionately building and selling large pieces of exquisite, custom-built wooden furniture for the past 10 years.

Years ago, when I had just started experimenting with resin in my work, I had an interesting idea for my girlfriend’s next birthday gift. She loves charcuterie boards, so I decided to make a one-of-a-kind serving board for her.

And that’s how this beautiful board came to be 😊

When Covid restrictions were lifted some months ago, we hosted a small get together at my place. My girlfriend set up the most beautiful wine & cheese platter on the serving board I’d gifted her years ago.

The guests absolutely loved the board! They wanted to know where she bought it from so they could get one too.

It was a good shock for them when they found out where she actually got it from 😉

I was so flattered, I decided to gift them their own custom serving boards. And then I thought, why not offer it to the rest of the world too?

So here we are...

Shipping and returns:

We ship all across Canada & US (except Alaska & Hawaii).

All items ship from Gatineau, Quebec. Once you place your order, it will take me about 2 days to build it before I can ship it out.

Standard shipping for this product is free, and may take 2-7 days to reach you!

We will gladly refund or exchange your order within 7 days from the day you receive your item. If you would like to return or exchange any items please email & we will issue a Return Authorization & detailed instructions within 2-3 business days.

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